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 Our Brief

Our mission with the redesign of the Westerleigh Flowers website was straightforward: to leverage organic traffic and enhance conversion rates in the highly competitive world of floral design. Starting with a rudimentary Wix website, initially crafted by the customer, our objective was clear: to transition the platform to WordPress while injecting it with a fresh identity that resonates with the refined preferences of the wedding flower market. Through meticulous design refinements and a keen focus on SEO optimisation, we aimed to boost the website's visibility and appeal, ensuring it not only attracts but also converts visitors effectively.

Our Key Deliverables

- Redesigned website with improved user interface and experience.
- SEO optimisation strategies for enhanced organic visibility.
- Mobile-optimised website design.
- Streamlined communication and response processes.
- Wedding Flowers are big money so this websites aesthetics has to be spot on to stand out and compete with the best.
Number One! See for yourself...
Search terms like  'Wedding Florist Westerleigh' and 'Funeral Florist Westerleigh'  on Google and they are number 1! This is just the start, the new site has only been live for a matter of days, Bristol and Bath, we are coming for you.
When you're at the top, you save a huge sum of money not having to pay for Googles Ads that can be as expensive at £6 per click depending on how competitive the keywords are. 

What We Delivered

In executing our vision for Westerleigh Flowers, we delivered a comprehensive suite of enhancements aimed at elevating the website's performance and presence in the digital arena. First and foremost, we seamlessly migrated the site from Wix to WordPress, unlocking a broader array of customization options and scalability. Through a meticulous process of brand refinement, we revitalized the website's aesthetic, ensuring it exuded elegance and sophistication befitting the wedding flower market. Our SEO optimization efforts were meticulous, spanning from restructuring URLs to implementing strategic keyword targeting, thereby enhancing organic visibility and driving targeted traffic to the site. Moreover, we prioritized mobile responsiveness, guaranteeing a seamless user experience across all devices. Streamlined communication channels and response processes were put in place to facilitate swift and efficient interactions with potential clients, further bolstering conversion rates. In essence, what we delivered was not just a website, but a digital powerhouse poised to captivate, convert, and ultimately, succeed in the competitive landscape of floral design.
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Westerleigh Flowers Love Their New Website and Working With Us

"I don't write many reviews but I felt like I had to, to let others know what a great experience I had using The House of Holloway. From start to finish Gemma has been highly assertive, quick to respond and she took my vision and ran with it. Thanks to Gemma at The House of Holloway my website is everything I dreamt it would be. Clean cut, beautifully laid out and every page is enticing. If it wasn't my own website I'd definitely want to explore further and book. So much effort has gone into the front of the website but I know double the effort has gone into the back of the website that you don't get to see and with Gemma's SEO skills I know I will get the clients I dream of. '
Thank you to The House of Holloway 

Hannah - Westerleigh Flowers

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