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 Our Brief

Topgun Sealants, a burgeoning commercial mastic company based in Hampshire, embarked on its entrepreneurial journey in 2016. Recognising the need for a strong brand identity and a comprehensive digital presence, Topgun Sealants sought the expertise of The House Of Holloway for a complete start-up package. This package aimed to establish Topgun Sealants as a reputable player in the commercial mastic industry across Hampshire and the South Coast.

Our Key Deliverables

- Establish a Strong Brand Presence: Create a memorable and professional brand identity that sets Topgun Sealants apart in the competitive commercial mastic industry.

- Increase Visibility and Recognition: Develop eye-catching commercial van designs, Uniform and branded materials to enhance visibility and recognition of Topgun Sealants across Hampshire and the South Coast.

- Online Presence and Engagement: Build a fully responsive website and establish a strong presence on social media platforms to engage with potential clients and showcase Topgun Sealants' expertise.

- Uniform Communication: Ensure consistent and professional communication through branded emails, invoices, business cards, and other written materials.
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Fast Forward in Time

Since our collaboration in 2016, Topgun Sealants has surged in the digital realm, excelling notably in SEO. Today, they thrive without spending a penny on advertising, relying solely on their robust online visibility to attract and engage their audience.

What We Delivered

We cultivated a distinctive and memorable brand identity for Topgun Sealants, showcasing their professionalism and expertise through the creation of a logo and comprehensive brand guidelines.

Our team designed eye-catching graphics and branding for Topgun Sealants' commercial vans, ensuring heightened visibility and recognition on the roads, effectively communicating the company's services. We crafted a fully responsive and user-friendly website that seamlessly showcases Topgun Sealants' services, portfolio, and contact information, providing a smooth user experience across various devices.

Professional and branded email signatures were meticulously designed to ensure consistent and visually cohesive communication across all digital correspondence. Branded invoices, business cards, and letterheads were thoughtfully designed and produced, presenting a cohesive and professional image in all written communications.

Informative and visually appealing leaflets were strategically developed, designed for distribution to potential clients and key locations to enhance brand awareness. We provided assistance in setting up professional and branded email accounts, facilitating effective and uniform communication within the organisation. Topgun Sealants was strategically established on key social media platforms, with our initial advertising support enhancing visibility and engagement.

A New Business and Collaboration  Success Story:

Through our collaborative efforts and strategic SEO initiatives, Topgun Sealants has achieved a remarkable online presence. Fast forward to today, they spend £0 per month on advertising, yet their website continues to attract substantial traffic, solidifying their position as a prominent player in the commercial mastic industry. The success in SEO has not only saved on advertising costs but also positioned Topgun Sealants as a go-to choice in the digital landscape.

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