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 Our Brief

Hilsea Tyres, a budding tyre service company in it's infancy, embarked on its entrepreneurial journey with Simply a name. Recognising the need for a robust brand identity, comprehensive digital presence and a well designed space for customers to wait Hilsea Tyres sought the expertise of The House Of Holloway for a complete start-up package. The goal was to position Hilsea Tyres as the very best company in the tyre service industry across Hampshire and the South Coast.

Our Key Deliverables

Distinct Brand Identity:
Our deliverables culminated in the creation of a distinctive brand identity for Hilsea Tyres, setting them apart in the competitive tyre service industry with a professional and memorable image.

Enhanced Visibility:
Our designed commercial van graphics and branded materials significantly increased Hilsea Tyres' visibility and recognition across Hampshire and the South Coast, ensuring they stand out on the roads.

Robust Online Presence:
The fully responsive website and strategic efforts on social media platforms established a robust online presence for Hilsea Tyres, engaging potential clients and showcasing their expertise in the tyre service industry.

Consistent Communication:
Our designed materials, including branded emails, invoices, business cards and a 3D to-scale office space ensured consistent and professional communication, reinforcing Hilsea Tyres' professionalism in all interactions.

These succinct deliverables collectively position Hilsea Tyres as a distinguished player in the tyre service sector, boasting a strong brand identity, increased visibility, a robust online footprint, and consistently professional communication.
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The Website

The Hilsea Tyres website stands as a testament to cutting-edge digital craftsmanship. Crafted with a mobile-first approach, our design ensures a seamless and engaging experience for users across devices. At its core lies a strategic emphasis on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), driving Hilsea Tyres to the forefront of online visibility.

Award-Winning Design
In recognition of its design finesse, seamless functionality, and SEO prowess, the Hilsea Tyres website clinched the prestigious Gold at the 2023 London Design Award. This accolade not only underscores the website's aesthetic appeal but also applauds its technical excellence, firmly establishing Hilsea Tyres as a leader in the digital realm. As the Gold standard in both design and functionality, the award solidifies our commitment to delivering websites that transcend expectations, making Hilsea Tyres a digital trailblazer in the tyre service industry.
London Website designer

Our Approach

Our approach began with collaborative brand workshops, engaging in in-depth discussions with Hilsea Tyres to understand their vision, values, and unique selling points. This laid the foundation for the brand identity transformation. Our graphic design team strategically crafted commercial van graphics and branded materials, considering visibility, recognisability, and alignment with Hilsea Tyres' overall brand image. We customised a responsive website tailored to Hilsea Tyres' specific needs, ensuring a seamless user experience and effective online representation of their services. Our social media experts formulated a targeted strategy, curating engaging content and implementing campaigns to reach and connect with Hilsea Tyres' target audience. The design team created a suite of communication materials with a cohesive design language, reinforcing Hilsea Tyres' professional image in all customer interactions. This collaborative and strategic approach collectively delivered a powerful and impactful brand presence for Hilsea Tyres.

What We Delivered

We executed a full brand identity, creating a distinct and memorable images that conveys professionalism and expertise. This involved strategic design of commercial van graphics and branded materials, significantly enhancing Hilsea Tyres' visibility across Hampshire and the South Coast. Our team developed a fully responsive Wordpress website, providing an online platform to seamlessly showcase Hilsea Tyres' services and portfolio. Through targeted efforts on key social media platforms, we established a robust online presence, engaging potential clients and highlighting the company's expertise. We designed a suite of communication materials, including branded emails, invoices, and business cards, right down to the uniform ensuring a consistent and professional image for Hilsea Tyres in all interactions. Additionally, we worked up a to-scale 3d model of the space, they had for customers to wait, while they were having work done to their car. It was important for them that customers had a clean, comfortable space that echoed the brand their quality.

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The House Of Holloway Revs Up Design for Hilsea Tyres' Van Wrap

When it came to hitting the road with a bold brand statement, Hilsea Tyres turned to The House Of Holloway for a sleek and impactful van wrap design. The challenge was to encapsulate the essence of Hilsea Tyres' professionalism and expertise while ensuring that the mobile showcase aligned seamlessly with their established brand identity.
Hilsea Tyres Van

Optimising Space at Hilsea Tyres to Scale Office Mock-Up

In creating the office mock-up for Hilsea Tyres, the challenge lay in transforming a modest space into a functional hub that seamlessly balanced customer engagement and efficient paperwork management. The design prioritised hidden storage solutions strategically placed to keep paperwork neatly tucked away, ensuring a clutter-free and professional appearance visible from the waiting area. This meticulous approach not only addressed the spatial constraints but also enhanced the overall aesthetics of the office.

In this compact yet purposeful setting, every element was meticulously sized and positioned for optimal functionality. The large backlit polished steel sign served as a striking focal point, illuminating the brand with a contemporary flair. Meanwhile, the custom counter, ingeniously designed with a concealed stage underneath, maximised both surface area and versatility. This thoughtful design not only created a streamlined workspace but also catered to the potential of accommodating multiple customers simultaneously, fostering a welcoming and accommodating environment at Hilsea Tyres.

It's worth noting that the entire model was meticulously crafted in SketchUp and brought to life through stunning 3D renders using Vray, ensuring a true-to-life representation of the envisioned space. This advanced visualisation process allowed for a comprehensive preview of the design, ensuring that every detail met the standards of both functionality and aesthetics before the physical implementation.
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