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 Our Brief

Boatability approached us with concerns about the performance and functionality of their current website. The issues included a hard to navigate website, noticeable dip in web traffic, low conversion rates, reliance on costly Google Ads due to poor organic ranking, lack of mobile optimisation, and dissatisfaction with their previous design and management company. They expressed frustration with the slow response time for requested changes and inquiries, both in terms of website updates and email communication. So that is where The House of Holloway Stepped in.

Our Key Deliverables

- Redesigned website with improved user interface and experience.
- SEO optimisation strategies for enhanced organic visibility.
- Mobile-optimised website design.
- Streamlined communication and response processes.

What We Delivered

Boatability's website, initially launched in 2011, had grown to over 150 pages, leading to a unnecessarily large website and therefore a challenging user experience. Our redesign strategy involved streamlining the website's structure, reducing the number of pages, and implementing a responsive design to ensure a seamless experience across desktop and mobile platforms. The emphasis on user-centric navigation and a clean, modern design aimed to enhance engagement and satisfaction.

Innovations and Enhancements:
To make each image distinct and easily recognisable, we added subtle touches that would make them uniquely Boatability, even without the logo. This approach aligns with our social media strategy, creating a cohesive and own-able visual identity across various platforms.

Furthermore, we introduced a blog platform as part of the redesign, allowing us to leverage the substantial traffic our website receives. This blog serves as a monetisation avenue through the incorporation of affiliate links, providing additional value to both our audience and Boatability. The website has boosted conversions even with the colder months settling in.

Boatability Loves Their New Website and Working With Us

Boatability now enjoys a website that reflects their brand identity and engages users effectively. The efficient communication processes have addressed their previous challenges, and the fresh, modern design has garnered positive feedback. Our collaborative approach and commitment to delivering results have solidified a positive working relationship, making Boatability confident in their online presence and future growth which is key in this digital age. Since the website was launched, we now help them with their email marketing, Social Media Marketing and run their Affiliate Marketing Programme.  

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