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 Our Brief

At The House of Holloway, we took a brief to amplify BMC Loft Conversions' digital presence, the key was redesigning and rebuilding their website in wordress with SEO and UI at it's heart.  BMC Loft Conversions, began as a family business in Portsmouth, has swiftly grown into a prominent entity with a substantial team of tradesmen covering the entire South Coast. Recognising the significance of a robust online footprint,  BMC sought out the expertise of a few digital agencies but were struggling to find the right fit. Since working with us they have been very happy.

Our Key Deliverables

- Redesigned website with improved user interface and experience.
- SEO optimisation strategies for enhanced organic visibility.
- Mobile-optimised website design.
- Streamlined communication and response processes.
Number One! See for yourself...
Search terms like  'South Coast Loft Conversions'  on Google.
When you're at the top, you save a huge sum of money not having to pay for Googles Ads that can be as expensive at Β£6 per click depending on how competitive the keywords are. 

What We Delivered

Our multifaceted approach included website development, SEO optimization, social media management, and compelling copywriting. The culmination of these efforts resulted in BMC Loft Conversions' website earning the prestigious Gold in UI, design, and SEO at the 2023 London Design Awards. This recognition underscored not only the aesthetic appeal of the website but also its seamless functionality and exceptional search engine performance.

BMC Loft Love Their New Website and Working With Us

BMC appreciates our thorough approach to their digital transformation. From the meticulous design of their award-winning website to the strategic deployment of SEO techniques, our collaboration has positioned BMC as a prominent player in the competitive loft conversion industry. Our commitment to driving results and our ability to adapt to BMC's evolving needs have fostered a partnership built on trust, innovation, and shared success.

As we gear up for an expansive social media push in 2024, BMC and The House of Holloway are poised to continue this journey of digital excellence, further solidifying BMC's position as a leader in the loft conversion domain.

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